ace in the hole


Every time I talk about it with someone, it’s always a drama. No one knew it could be done. No one knows how to do it. However, the results are exceptional.

Two days ago I answered Jeremy “Spot” Marriot’s cry for help, a first-time subscriber to my mailing list. We talked about a lot of things, but I was sure he didn’t know (and I wasn’t wrong in fact).

Today I decided to publish a slightly more articulated post than the answer I gave to Jeremy because I’m sure that almost all of the self-styled marketing gurus who scam you out there don’t even know.

It is a concrete trick to apply immediately for immediate results on your fb campaign: targeting only users in wi-fi mode.

I bet you didn’t know that, did you?

Yet I have noticed appalling increases (up to 30%) in my fb campaigns. Why?

Well honestly I don’t know exactly, but there are some elements that I can think about.

First: if a user is attached to a wi-fi it is because he is at home, perhaps comfortably seated on his sofa and therefore is supposed to be not excessively distracted.

Second: the wi-fi connection is on average much faster than the mobile one, so whatever the user wants to do on your site, it will do faster.

Third: if you have a sales page or a landing page with a promotional video, it will be downloaded more quickly and therefore can give the best of itself in terms of views and above all conversions.

Fourth: if the user is not standing on the subway going to work, he will be more focused on what you are proposing rather than continually checking that someone is stealing his wallet.

Fifth: if you propose large files such as video or app, it will be easier for the user to download them than for someone else doing work.

It sounds like nothing, but if you get such a big increase in conversions there must be a reason and I guarantee you it works great. As with Jeremy, who took quite a + 18% in one day.

Try it yourself. And then let me know your results.