This is my Main Course (if you see this link the subscriptions are still open):

These are my products currently for sale:

  1. Survey Funnel Secrets
  2. Buy, Boost & Flip (in Partnership With Tony Newton)
  3. Branding Blueprint Conversions
  4. List Authority

I have sold many products in the past and below are still links to the sales pages, but these were exclusive or temporary offers, so do NOT write me asking if you can buy any of them today.

In fact, the following products were closed to avoid any saturation of the market and / or to protect those who bought my courses (for example, when the methods of gain on the internet would have been affected by excessive circulation), thanks for the understanding!

  1. Modern Facebook Marketing
  2. Bad Ass Headline
  3. Bad Ass Headline Vol.2
  4. Bad Ass Headline Vol.3
  5. $10K Blueprint
  6. 7 Hours To Profit
  7. Headers Explosion
  8. Profit With WordPress
  9. Sales Graphic Rush
  10. Squeeze Page Madness
  11. Juicy WSO Graphic
  12. InstaHack