If you want to find out how the so-called web gurus do not care about their subscribers, followers, fans etc … but only point to your money, read on.

This is the reason why this blog was born and it will certainly be very interesting for you as I am sure that what I will describe to you has happened to you even if … you will not even notice it!

I specify that what I’m about to describe happened a long time ago, but I will not tell you exactly when in order not to recognize “someone” and avoid complaints and complaints to me.

I do not know if you already know me or not, my name is Gabriel De Florio, I’m Italian and I’ve been an internet marketing consultant for many years, first as an employee and then directly in the field with one of my agency since 2010, very long time on the web.

Having such a remarkable experience now I can easily distinguish who behaves correctly and is a serious person from who only wants to make money, no matter how. And if you think the latter are squalid people, you can not imagine how much they are!

It was a long time since I saw around the web, but also in serious places (such as the warrior forum!!), insignificant products at increasingly high prices. And with ” insignificant” I do not mean only about the realization, but also, and more important, about contents and quality.

Many who come close to this job are convinced that it is enough to stand in front of the camera of their mobile phone to blather something about marketing to sell at crazy prices the “course” built with “so much effort”.

But they are roasters, their excuse is that they have just arrived in the industry and they believe they are making money because someone said so, but … have you ever thought that they might not be the only ones to sell trash?


Oh yes, no gurus could sell trash otherwise they would not be right gurus? Nobody would to buy their thousands of dollars courses if they weren’t gurus, right?


The so-called gurus have an impressive presence on social networks, they have the financial strength to spend on advertising on search engines, they have money to buy huge databases to use for their own purposes, they have everything and consequently can do everything.

Also cheating.

Nobody notices it.

No, maybe someone notices it, like myself, but they keep it hushed in so many ways: complaints about defamation, disgruntlement on the social media, they shout from the rooftops their absolute truth artifact knowing that their authority will always make them right and those who accuse them will be cut off.

That’s why I will not name names.

But today I decided that I have to do something to prevent an ever-increasing tide of people who be fooled by who make an avalanche of money and it is never enough.

One of these gurus in particular really disgusted me.

I follow (I followed?) his mailing list for some time and I confess that I followed him with the most sincere admiration for his ability to convince people that his products were the best and, above all, they were absolutely necessary for those who start in the sector.

I bought several products from him, from the simple report to $ 7 to the “mega-course” at 1000 $ and, since in the meantime my professionalism has grown out, I began to notice that something was changing.

Unfortunately, however, it was changing for the worse.

I realized after this guy had his popularity in the fall and was starting to lose ground in front of competitors without being able to keep up with the times. Perhaps he had sat on his wilful laurels and had thought that all that money would enter him day after day forever, but it’s not that easy, guys!

And so, when he began his descent instead of deigning to learn new things and analyze as a maniac the market to figure out where he was going, he has chosen the easiest way, convenient and fast: plucking their followers without restraint.

It all began with the launch of his latest product (last of the time, it’s clear) that would have to teach how to make money quickly with internet: a perfect marketing event aimed for the only purpose of squeezing out money as much as possible and maybe back on top. Google ads as if there was no tomorrow, thousands of ready affiliates, social networks in turmoil, but especially his mailing list duly alerted to burn the blood in everyone’s veins … as only he knows how to do, I recognize.

Video over the shoulders, reports, templates, checklists, mind maps, bonuses of all kinds and types: it was a very completed and impressive course.

The price of the pre-launch course was scary: 1997 dollars. But it also included the email support of his staff (under certain conditions halter, moreover) for a lot of time as well as a skype session with the guru himself.

Maybe it was worth the expense …. or maybe not.

Why do I say this?

Simple: I was able to view that course. And if you’re asking, no! I did not pay that amount. I did not pay it to tell the truth, but that’s another story.

But many have bought at that price, I know it because on his FB page the guru invited an impressive number of people to the session via skype with names and surnames (this is also marketing, guys!!).

A mass of money that you can not even imagine, entered him.

On the day of the launch, however, the price fell to 997 dollars.


But it is half of what the others had paid only a week ago.

The excuse was public: no Skype chat with HIM.

However, many bought, wow, is half of the original price! Of course, we can not talk with that demigod, but there is always email support. Paying such an amount, it is obvious that your business takes off, so buy immediately.

And he came in a flood of money.



Only one week later.

Using the same product.

Without effort.

After a couple of weeks the launch had ended up with such an amount of money in earnings to envy Uncle Scrooge.

But the guru sent me an e-mail whose meaning was: “hello, since you did not buy the course at the ridiculous amount of only $ 997 now I give you the chance to take it with only $ 497, but without the email support.”

Here: my experience, which had already made me turn my nose up at the launch for lots of reasons, made my skin crawl: “I know what you’re doing and it makes me sick” I told myself.

Now I’ll explain: they are simply tricks to squeeze more money without anyone noticing that.

And you say “f**k” to yourself, threatening your public image.

The first sale was aimed at customers that bankers would call “premium” or with greater availability of spending: there are few, but there are, and if you have a giant list created in years and years it is more than obvious that you have some of them. If you’re good at selling like him, making them buy at very high prices is a silliness.

But then the price fell, in order to reach a larger share of high-profile customers, to buy undecided and to advertise a discount of 50%. The excuse was plausible: you will not be able to speak directly with the demigod.


And effective.

But then, the price fell down again.

Always with the same 50% discount, but this time he removed the email support. Insignificant excuse this time, especially if you consider that there were, as I said, limitations on the amount of mail that could be written to him.

And after another two weeks, another email arrived: “the price drops to $ 197, but I remove the templates“.

And you’ll ask: ok, a little more work to do, but I take the course to a tenth of the others, this is an opportunity!

And you buy.

And he collects again.

Another two weeks pass and another email arrives: the price still falls to $ 97 and this time there were no excuses: “I do it because the course has sold so much and I would like that more people get rich” this was the message.

And many have bought.

And he cashed lots of money.

Two more weeks pass and the last email arrives: “it’s my birthday and I decided to give everyone a present: my last course for only $ 27 !!”.

And here the world bought.

And, as a result, he has collected the world.

But how did he do it?

It ‘s very simple: when you sign up for a mailing list you are automatically sent emails from an autoresponder (a specialized software, for those who do not know it) that propose you to buy a certain product of the guru. If you buy that product you are simply moved by the software to a different segment of the same list.

Segment to which the guru will make sure to send mails that have an ever-increasing discount on the product that you have purchased for a fortune.

Practically, all those who bought the course at a certain price will never know that he is making a bestial discount to all the others who have not yet bought it.

To convince them to buy with a strong incentive: the price is always lower.

And so he convinces all kinds of people on his list.

What do I mean with “types of people”?

Really, the difference for him consists only in the economic availability of those people: do you have money to throw? I get money out.

Do you have less? I get money out anyway.

Do you have a few? I get money out without mercilessy.

It’s easy, don’t it? Yes it is. Certainly lousy, but easy. Have you ever seen such a thing? I’m afraid so, and it would not surprise me at all, because more and more so-called experts do it. And self-styled gurus.

If you read carefully, I wrote before I did not pay the course even a cent.

How did I do it? Did I download it illegally from some pirate site? Did I steal it from someone?

Absolutely not.

The guru gave it to me, even if not directly. And, yes, this person did it for free.

How? But, did you think it was over?

Of course not: the guru, in fact, after a month since the last promotion, told all his affiliates that they could get the private label rights paying only the small sum of $ 97.

And so he even stole money from his affiliates. Then, they have done what they wanted with that course, even give it away in exchange for a simple email address. A vulgar lead magnet as we say slangly.

I knew some of these affiliates and one in particular told me in a discussion that “he would have surely beaten the competition if he had used this mega-course to do “list building” and I did not want to tell him that I thought he had just been cheated, but I warned that this thought, according to me, was widespread and he would not have got blood out of a stone.

Unfortunately I was right: in a moment the course was on the network desperately (and it’s still there!!) and once I could see I told myself with certainty that … yes ….. it was not worth anything …

Now do you understand why I create this blog?

I’m sick and tired of seeing some people who exploit every single weakness of people to steal money and introduce themselves as gurus.

I just want to give useful advice on how to do marketing ethically and correctly.

And I will not tell you things like “get rich quick” or “push this button and gain” but I’ll show you, also with cases study, how you can make money on the internet without hurting anyone, but rather helping others.

If you are interested click the button at the top of this page (only for some operating systems and/or browsers) or compile the form below and we will stay in touch from now, if you find me boring or useless, you can also let me go and you will not receive any further communication from me.

The choice is yours.


 – Gabriel De Florio

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