Gold or Crown?


Today I start by thanking Jon Hasselman for this report: it was an illuminating reading Jon!

Perhaps you know Noam Wasserman’s book titled “Founders Dilemmas” and, if you don’t know it, I highly recommend reading it.

The author analyzes in depth the various dilemmas that an entrepreneur inevitably has to face, basing on his over ten years of experience analyzing even over 10 thousand companies. An impressive number, but equally impressive are the results: it emerged that the more you try to have absolute control over your company, the less you can make it grow.

And obviously, the less you can grow, the less you are rich.

Hence the dilemma, which really made an impression on the public, which reads: “Do you want to be the king or do you want to be rich?

The ability to create an activity from scratch is not for everyone, but it seems that those who manage to make it grow with decision are even less. From Wassermann’s analysis it is clear that those who decide to be assisted by competent personnel for the various tasks within their company (even leaving control to other better ones) are able to increase the value of their creature by more than 50% compared to those who wanted absolute control.

If you think that implementing a policy of total control over your company allows you to grow more, change your way of thinking quickly, because it is obviously wrong.

P.S.: whether you want to become a king or just want to get rich, if you don’t start an activity you will never get anything. Starting an online business requires much less money than a physical one and there are boundless opportunities thanks to the network.

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