Today I’m with Steven Chand, founder of, who will tell us the story of his success and how he managed to overcome obstacles remaining steady and focused in his goal in this particular market:

Q. SAAS (Software As A Service) is a sector exponentially expanding and for many it is very complicated to access it, but with your platform you are able to easily create a real business from scratch in just 3 days, have you succeeded in an impossible undertaking?

A. 30%-50% of the core features required in a simple SAAS platform are basically administration features such as Billing and deployment or as I call it SAAS foundation codebase.
A typical STARTUP will try to reinvent the wheel by building these Foundations. They can be costly and time consuming and easily drift you away form the core focus of the app.
I learnt this lesson after I ran out of money trying to build a SAAS app where most of the Development resource was used building administration features and bug fixes that were that slowed our MVP. Hence our direction towards using WordPress as our foundation of our SAAS. You can easily build solutions using wordpress and smart plugins that turn your WordPress into SAAS.

WPSAAS PRO is a packaged solution designed to help you achieve an MVP in less than 3 days, something that took me years to master.

Q. In this particular sector you can automate the structure and then make the business very passive, would you explain to my readers what is the strength of this platform?

A. One of the features in WPSAAS PRO is our managed server provided to all our customers. The server can easily bypass and automate certain tasks that can be confusing and time consuming for our students, Hence being able to launch MVP under 3 days. We achieved this by configuring the server to work better with WordPress Multisite environment. Our student now enjoys a server that works almost flawlessly around WordPress Multisite.

Q. Can you describe exactly what you need to start this business?

A. Motivation for one, second would be a SAAS idea. If you find a problem in the market, you could find a plugin that solves this, or have the plugin build. There are 1000s of plugins out there available under GPL license, I recommend partnering with developers that have already coded plugins and sell that using the SAAS business model.

Q. Would you give my readers some business ideas in this area?

A. Of course, there is a new trend on Premade landing pages /Funnels e.g or using WPSAAS Pro, you can easily build your own unbounce :).

Q. What is the most important challenge you have faced so far and how you won it?

A. The biggest challenge for me was building my first MVP, without any coding or SAAS experience. I was able to build my First MVP using WordPress Multisite and a Plugin called Skystats. I was able to validate the idea and find investors for the project. Ezond now is a fully Custom APP used by agencies. Without the WordPress Ruote I would not have been able to show investors what could have been archived.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A. We plan to build an automated SAAS installer using WordPress, and also offer Ready-Made SAAS platforms available to download.

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