Today I’m with William Tan, freelance web developer, senior lecturer-mentor and trainer in Electronics, Web Development, Technologies and Internet Marketing.

Q. For some marketers supporting the cost of the autoresponder is a nasty problem so far we could not escape this expense, but it seems you are really revolutionizing the system, how are you succeeding in it?

R. Indeed, the recurring fee of a typical autoresponder (ie. Aweber, GetResponse etc.) is a nagging problem for many marketers. It is even more cringing especially for the newbies who have yet to start earning online but yet still need the autoresponder to build their very important assets.

The Ultimate Autoresponder System (UAS) which I’ve created not only eliminate the recurring fees, it allow us to have 100% ownership of our own autoresponder without any risk of (autoresponder) account suspension anymore!

With UAS, we can now create unlimited lists and subscribers. And together with a built-in visually stunning squeeze/landing page creator, UAS is on-par, if not better, than those tier-1 autoresponders – just without any monthly fee ever!

All these are made possible with the unique set up (and the way we’re using) the UAS.

Q. Since we’re talking about list building, tell our readers how you managed to overcome your most difficult challenge in the field.

R. The most difficult and pertinent challenge of list building and email marketing? Contents!

Having an effective optin form with good offer to get the subscribes is one thing, sustaining the subscribers to stay on the list with emails/newsletters is the real crux to crush the list.

The strategy I’m adopting currently is to focus on the blogging/contents and automate the sending of weekly newsletter of my latest posts and offers. Focus is on providing good quality contents and not on hard-selling any affiliate offers out there.

Q. Regarding your list, once you have reached the number of your dreams, how do you manage to keep your subscribers active and , above all , to get them to buy your products?

R. My dream number of subscribers in my lists? 1000. Don’t get me wrong. Having a million subscribers is in everyone’s list building dream. But I’ve known some of those made-it online entrepreneurs making a good decent living off just a small but highly responsive list. That’s my goal.

Chasing after the numbers (of subscribers and traffic) may not be the most productive things to do. The main focus, IMHO, should really be in providing good 3U’s (Unique, Useful and Unbiased) contents – on the sites and in the emails.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

R. I’ve planned to create how-to video tutorials on how to set up the Ultimate Autoresponder System. This is to supplement those learners who are more visual that would prefer to learn and do stuff watching video tutorials. That being said, by appending the UAS E-COURSE with videos, I can extend its reach by putting the E-COURSE up at Udemy.

Q. What tools do you use to organize important launches like “Ultimate Autoresponder System”?

R. Instead of selling the Ultimate Autoresponder System as a typical rigid PDF ebook, I’ve put it up as an e-course in a full-fledge Learning Management System (LMS) portal. As such, I’ve the luxury to perform any correction and update to the e-course whenever necessary.

I’ve used MunchEye to announce the launch of the Ultimate Autoresponder System about a month before it was officially launched some time in March this year.

And I’ve specifically used JVZoo as the payment gateway so as to leverage on the big affiliate network JVZoo got to offer.

Thanks William!