Bounty Killer Report

Today I had an interesting conversation with one of my subscribers (thanks to Josh O’Brian for this).

Josh is a great marketer, but he is also a tough head like few and he just doesn’t want to understand that sometimes money has to be spent even on things that at first sight don’t seem important (isn’t it true Josh? ;-)).

Specifically we were talking about computer piracy. In other words, when your hard-earned product comes out in the pirate forums.
If you listen to Josh, you can’t do anything about it because there are so many others around and in any case, as soon as you eliminate one, they put it back online in zero time.

Everything is very true, but from here to not being able to do anything there is difference and I can prove it.

Yes, because those who have been following me for a while know that when I started my journey into the wonderful world of internet marketing one of my first serious jobs was the “hunter” of pirated products.

Back in 2013 I also distributed a case study that talked about this and how dangerous it could be for your business.

Today the conversation with Josh made me think of bringing it back to you, you can download it for free from this link (or click on the box below).

Think about it when you launch a new product, ok?