Future Jobs

If you have babies or if you plan to have children soon, you can be sure that they will do a job that does not exist today. There are governments that commission scientific studies to try to understand where the world is going. The English one, for example, asked the Fast Future Research Institute for a forecast of the 20 new professions that will be created by 2030.

I invite you to take a look at their site for completeness, but I report some crafts that are rather strange to see them today or that seem to come from science fiction films.

“Pharmer”: farmers or breeders of the “geneticist” type, that is farmers of the future who will produce proteins for therapeutic purposes. But also tomatoes with vaccines and “healing” milk inside. Are we sure that these profound changes in nature will not harm us?

Builder, repairer and seller of body parts: it seems possible that we will be able to enter a shop and order a new arm or have one repaired if we needed it. Will the next step be the creation of a Frankenstein monster?

Meteorological police officer: a new department that will defend us from illegal attempts at atmospheric changes. Does this mean that they foresee wars or meteorological terrorism?

Responsible for the disposal of personal data: privacy is becoming increasingly important and therefore there will be the need for professionals to help those who do not want to be traced. Both online and offline. Will criminals also be protected?

Time Broker: a real “financial” market of the time will be created that will be used as an alternative system for the payment of goods and services. And that therefore will need specialized brokers and stockbrokers. Will they create a speculative bubble with our lives?

In short, I foresee hard times…