Social media User


Today a very brief but significant post. I came across a really interesting Pew Research Center study. Here is the link to learn more (highly recommended). Briefly, the research reveals how the Americans used social media in the year just ended.

Probably not what you expect, since there are important news. But I refer you to the studies to discover every aspect. What I want to emphasize is the importance of knowing how users behave in social media platforms in general.

If you know what language they use, you can talk to them. And you can then propose your products or services. If you know when they are contactable, you know when you can show them your products or services. If you know what they prefer to do online, you know how to offer your products or services. If you know what they want when they are online, you know what to offer for your products or services.

Ultimately: if you want to sell your products or services you MUST know how users behave on social media. It is a matter of fundamental importance.

Make sure you have all the knowledge possible about your future consumers and you will have an advantage that will make the difference.