Many of you often ask me how you can reach certain levels of business success like infomarketing. It seems that no one has ever opened his eyes and looked around. Now I tell you what needs to be done to succeed in life and then what needs to be done to be successful in infomakreting.

All successful entrepreneurs have followed a fundamental and scientific rule that is under the nose of anyone on Earth, but that almost all people prefer not to see.

Here is the formula: “find a problem and then offer a solution“.



Yes, but only in words. Finding a problem is already a huge effort in itself. We need to know our sector well, understand where it can move in the future, have the necessary experience, etc…, and it’s just part of the job. Assuming that we succeed in having the strength, the constancy and the determination to succeed in this first step, then there is another world to face. In fact, offering a solution does not only require the brain to be split to find a solution, but also to be able to produce it effectively and profitably. And finally that we know how to propose it to the market.

And it is on this point that we must concentrate if we are in business infomarketing. Why? Because anyone is able to create a product (even a valid one) by scratching information that can be found for free on the internet and making a pdf or video. But very few know how to advertise. And this is where it usually collapses.

How can you avoid failing? It may seem strange, but the answer in this case is not so difficult to achieve. Here too, I have a scientific formula that can help you: “send traffic to your landing page and then publish it daily“.

You can easily analyze it: once you have your funnel ready or just your squeeze page, bring traffic. From advertising on social media, to ads only, to guest posts, anything you need to do.

And then publish constantly.

What? Anything related to your industry that may like at your market. Obviously it must have some kind of link that refers to your page otherwise it is useless. But public. The goal is not just traffic, but having a constant interaction with your audience. In order to gain customers. You must publish. Look at me: every day I try to write an article on my blog like the one you are reading now. But you can also record a video to put on youtube. Or publish a presentation on Slideshare.

Just do it.


Every single day.