Today I came across a news story that as a marketer and sports car enthusiast intrigued me a lot: Porsche decided to “overtake” its competitors using a new user experience, the so-called “destination porsche”.

In fact, in the new concept store of the German manufacturer, you will find yourself facing an exhibition worthy of the starting grid of the Monaco race.

Each car (or any related topic) has its place on the grid and so we can find areas dedicated to new models, electric bolides, the great classics an entire area reserved for the definitive customization of its model and the so-called “porscheplatz” (“Porsche square” in German) where you can sip a good coffee. There is even a playroom for children. Besides, what better place to park your children when dealing with such an exclusive purchase?

Why all this in a car showroom? Simple: to be ahead of all other competitors.

Because those who buy a luxury product (a product that will allow them to differentiate themselves from the crowd) also want a shopping experience that is aligned with the money spent. A bit like Apple did with its apple shops or a high-end fashion brand.

Once inside, the consumer will literally become one with his (new?) car, he will know he is part of a whole world of enthusiasts, a world that moves with him and that is able to take him further and further.

On the marketing side, it is a stroke of genius: it is a new thing that has not yet been proposed by anyone and combines refined market research with the user experience. Whether or not it will give sales a boost we will know only with time, but it is undoubtedly a good shot.

Yes, Porsche has beaten everyone on time, discovering what could be a way of selling cars (luxury, but perhaps not only) that no one had ever proposed before.

And that is making itself talked about even before it opened its doors. Think: they have already won the race before they even put their cars on the starting grid.

But there is a problem: for now there is only one store of this kind and it is in Palm Springs… now I have to go down there to get my new 911!