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When Steve Jobs was about to fail, do you know what he did?

Did you know he failed miserably running a charity service in his early years at Apple? He was even removed from the hall during the presentation...

Dear Colleague,

Steve Jobs is not a person who needs an introduction, yet not many know that, as a young man, he made many mistakes, some he admitted himself, others never wanted to recognize.

When he was removed from Apple and founded NeXT, the idea was to build very powerful computers, to be exact, the best computers in the world.

However, they were also the most expensive and despite the various improvements made, the company found itself on the verge of bankruptcy.

To save it was Apple, in difficulty too, but the two companies united solved their problems and with Jobs at the head of the new entity became the one we know today.

What happened though? How did the son of a mechanic and an accountant manage to transform two exhausted companies into the largest industrial group in America?

You see, the reasons will certainly be many, but Steve Jobs had embraced the Buddhist concept of "everything and every individual is in an incessant process of evolution - a becoming - rather than in a situation of static".

He was a creative, an innovator, today we say a visionary, and he had a very strong personality that initially led him to make decisions without caring about the opinion of others.

For this he made many mistakes, commercial and management. But then he realized that he couldn't be the one to decide what the market wanted or not. He realized that he could not know in advance what can work and what does not.

He took the best of Apple, the structure, the components of the PCs, the vision and merged it with the best of NeXT, that is the user friendly software ahead of generations on the competition. And he began to test what made the market better.

He found his own system to always get the best and the results are there for all to see today. Without relying on other producers, without relying on work outside the company.

He staked everything on himself and his company, no external support.

And you?

What are you betting on?

What is your business based on?

Google, SEO, traffic, video, social networks ...?

I'm sorry to tell you with this brutality, but ... it's all not up to you.

If you rely on the success of others in order to achieve yours, you have taken the wrong path even before you have left.

I have been doing this job since 2008 and I confess that I made this mistake too at the beginning.

I thought if I was on top of Google searches my business would take off. And I also had results from the start. Too bad that at the first update of the Big G algorithm my sweaty site disappeared from the first pages in a flash.

Algorithm.... for the first time in my life I had heard this word and I didn't like it at all. Months and months of work burned in a minute.

Did it happen to you too? Maybe you had based your business on Facebook... only to find that in order to contact your fans you had to pay Facebook handsomely…

Or you had a YouTube channel starting to mesh... until Google changed the ad rules...

Or you had spent all your energy building an affiliate or CPA site only to see it die after your primary traffic source no longer worked...

Yes, I confess: these are all things I have tried on my skin. All personal failures.

But you know what?

I have since learned that if I wanted to be successful I would have to rely only on myself and my business. Like Steve Jobs did, I started testing what worked and what didn't in my market and I never stopped.

And I'm glad of it. Now I build my sales funnel and in a very short time I am able to know if it works or not. If it doesn't work, I go on to something else.

And today I've condensed all this knowledge into one product: Sales Funnel Secrets Cheat Sheet.

Here is the engine that makes my business work: I use ads alone to test my sales funnel and monetize my paid traffic to build my list. All at a phenomenal pace.

Eventually, I get a highly receptive email list which is MY most valuable asset. And that no one can ever take me away. When I want, I write an email with an offer for one of my products and it's like printing money on the spot.

Nothing strange or things that need external support. It's just me and my business. And that's what I reveal to you today.

Here's what I share with you in this course:

Sales Funnel Secrets Cheat Sheets Blackboard

If you are wondering why I should release this information to the public, well ... the reason is obvious: I live by this.

Whether you are a young novice or an experienced entrepreneur, the information I teach you is valid and applicable in every area.

If you can build a sales funnel that works, you will never have money problems again because you will know what to do to build it in another market. And then test it to see if it works or not. If that doesn't work, you can try to improve it or change sectors and try again. If it just works... you collect money for life!

And it works. I know because I've been doing this for a long time, so…

do and do not

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At your change,

  -  Gabriel De Florio

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