Archimedes used to say Eureka. I Say: Solution. I found the Leverage to be Financially Free Forever.

The first feeling I remember was a sense of lightness.

What kind of lightness?   Spiritual and even physical.

It was the result of years of study, experiments and money spent. I simply couldn't make money online, but I realized that my life would be better from then on.

Now you can experience that feeling yourself using my experience.

My name is Gabriel De Florio and until recently I was struggling incessantly against your own problems. And without being able to get out. I had spent everything I had to buy increasingly expensive courses that were supposed to teach me to make money online quickly, with little or no effort and "guaranteed" by more or less big names on the web. I studied everything carefully, but I always failed miserably and didn't understand why.

I understood the idea that was the basis of the course purchased, but ... in practice I was stuck with "something" that went wrong. Or worse, "something" that was missing. I knew what I had to do, but when I did it I was wrong.

It seemed to me that by purchasing a further course I could find the missing link in the chain. But I was immediately denied.

The days spent in front of the PC giving up everything that the world can offer for not being able to get anything concrete. Hundreds of hours spent studying each report carefully, watching every single video of very expensive courses ... just to have a big mess in the head.

Friends who no longer believe in me for all that I hoped would come true and then dissolved. The relatives who are raging because I don't do a job called "normal" and don't understand what I want to build. And I feel more and more dejected, demoralized that you almost feel like giving up ...

I know this has happened to you too. I know because unfortunately I lived it on my skin. And that's why I want to help you get out of this trap.

I tell you plainly: it's not your fault.

Have you just bought a new course from a self-styled web guru? Before you have studied, understood and implemented so much of that time that ... the "guaranteed method to make money" becomes obsolete, the "infallible techniques" are outdated and in general the whole course has already been exploited.

By who?

Obviously from those who already know how to do these things.

They left you behind.

And before you can guess what's happening you've already been overtaken without mercy. Others have already taken everything there was to take. They have left little or nothing to divide among all those who, like you, have no precise direction or have just begun.

Perhaps to solve this problem have you tried to buy a course dedicated to "focusing" on your goals? Or someone who taught you to "optimize your time"? Or a mega video training on "how to stay motivated"? Certainly some of these courses will be well done and will have their usefulness. Yet I'm sure you haven't had much of a benefit, have you?

The reason is simple: that wasn't your problem.

You lack your own system for making money, not a system made by others. And it must be a system that is proven to work, not a system that everyone knows. And that therefore no longer has any value as it has already saturated the market. Have you ever wondered why all the marketers on the planet are always writing a paragraph about "the impossibility of saturating the market" with their way to make money online? Because now everyone has noticed!

Think about it: if I revealed a way to make money and the whole world applied it except a baker, nobody could make money and everyone would die of hunger ... except the baker !!
And this is because if everyone does almost the same thing, the demand becomes excessive compared to the offer.

That's why to find a way to make money you don't have to buy a course that teaches you how to make money. You need innovative ideas, but at the same time they have already been tested. Then there is a way to make them your own based on your strengths and a bit of testing.

I'm sure you've seen dozens of sales letters telling you "buy this course and you'll make money".

But no one ever told you "use what I've already tested using your natural talents and you'll be financially free forever."

You will have the opportunity to discover new ways to make money online every month.

Only what really works today. And you can get to take advantage of only the ones you like best or most seem to fit your style.

You will do it effortlessly because you can choose what is most congenial to your natural talents. Without blindly following a system created by another person very different from you who exploits their own abilities perhaps very different from yours.

And what's more, constantly discovering new things! For example, did you know that a semi-unknown English marketer was able in a week to collect $ 28k in commission by using only a "different" photo and sales page?

Or that a very young American guy managed to cash in his first $ 24k infoproduct by testing different price levels and using a little psychological trick that nobody teaches?

Yes, because in my private newsletter I will not just write about the methods of making money that I invented. But I'll also teach you what I've discovered from other successful marketers.

An incredible condensate that you will never find anywhere else!!

That's why you need my exclusive private newsletter.

You don't just get a way to make money that you would find out too late that you don't like it. Or that you realize you are not able to implement. Get the experience of many successful marketers and the ways to make money tested and updated as always. All designed, tested and implemented by me and my network of successful colleagues.

But be careful, if you are already imagining the things you can buy (fashionable clothes, sports cars, jewelry, etc ...) with this knowledge, know that you are doing something wrong. Through my private newsletter you will be able to achieve absolute financial freedom that you have never experienced before.

Which is very different!

Try to focus your imagination on this. You have created a system that makes you cash a thousand dollars a month using a site that sells affiliate products. Google suddenly changes its algorithm. Your site suddenly goes into oblivion, would you feel overwhelmed by this?


For nothing.

Because you would know that how you created that first system, you can create others, in other sectors, with other tricks.

Not one, but two, three, five, ten or a hundred.

And then because you would have other ways of creating income that perhaps have nothing to do with google and its whims.
Because now you know how to get money out of the markets in an ethical and professional manner. And you are no longer afraid of being broke. Because even if this happens unfortunately, you would know how to pull yourself up in an instant. Because you would have plenty of other possibilities.

Here's what my private newsletter gives you: absolute financial freedom as long as you have a PC with an internet connection.

You don't need to buy a Ferrari today if you can't keep it. But if you can create value for the markets, money will never be a problem for you again.

Here is why I present my exclusive private newsletter:

Money Secrets

How to get absolute financial freedom forever in the shortest time humanly possible.

In this exclusive private newsletter you will discover:

  • All the errors with which we had to confront ourselves and which we have successfully overcome.
  • That the simplest things sometimes are the things that work best because nobody thinks about exploiting them.
  • How I managed to start from nothing and succeed in a highly competitive sector.
  • The absolutely unfounded myths on which almost all the products currently on sale are based.
  • Why the so-called web gurus want the aforementioned myths to remain unattainable chimera for all.
  • What to do when one of your businesses goes ko for any reason (ignore this at your own risk!!).
  • How to use content you already have to turn it into high-ticket products (so simple as to seem stupid).
  • The easy system that produced $ 28k in affiliation in just a week.
  • A secret that hardly anyone knows (except a small elite of prosperous people) about online sales and which can lead you to collect $ 24k in 6 weeks.
  • A surprising trick to get a 50% cut in your unsubscribe rate immediately and effortlessly!
  • The dirty and fast way to get the most out of your list using only one source of traffic - you will regret not thinking about it years ago!
  • A simple thought on how to make money online ... that works so well that it looks like magic!
  • How to manipulate the natural laws of sales psychology to your advantage.
  • The 17 wretched errors that 97% of inexperienced marketers commit (and how to avoid).
  • The "clean" shortcut for doing OTOs and great bonuses, you can learn this secret and use it immediately ... no matter how big your list is.

And again, these are just some of the methods presented!

You'll get new ones every month!

Finally, you'll get all the tricks of the web in fast videos that will give you such knowledge that you can deal with every problem with psychological security that you will solve quickly.

At this point, however, I'm sure you're wondering what the price of all this is.

But before you reveal it, let me ask you a question.

How many chances do you have today to find and buy the right product online? What do I mean that allows you to earn money with certainty? Especially how can you be sure that the course, report, software or whatever, is right for you? (Especially in the case of software, do you really think it can make you make money automatically?)

What are the alternatives really?

You could do exactly the same as everyone else: open a blog, write a few articles ... put your opt-in form to collect emails and then send offers via newsletter. Have you already tried it? And how much have you earned? I wouldn't say much because otherwise you wouldn't be reading this page.

Not to mention that if you did you have already started spending money: hosting, domain, website, autoresponder, etc ... you have already started with at least 100 dollars spent just for a start-up phase.

Or you could hire a coach to teach you the trade from scratch, but how much would it cost? Let's say $ 50 for every hour of advice (and we are also optimistic about hoping for such a low price). Only three sessions a week would make $ 600 a month. Certainly not for every budget, and let's face it, with so little time you don't pull out much.

And that's why if you give me your trust and follow my private newsletter, you will have all the advantages of an entire network of professionals who have already done the bulk of the work without running into those traps (real or psychological) that block you from the get the financial freedom you deserve. The good news is that I'm not going to let you invest even a figure that is minimally close to such a sum.

And not even close to the $ 100 start-up.

The total investment to access this particular private newsletter is only: $27 a month!

It is also less than what you would spend for certain video courses that with the excuse of "perceived value" squeeze you money without giving you anything in return. And without even giving you the chance to try them first.

Why did I choose this price?

Because the opportunity that changes your existence is a train that passes only once in life. And nobody in the world can afford to lose it or even get late to the station.

It all depends on how big your desire to succeed in life is.

If your desire is as weak as candle light you will get weak results.

If your desire is as strong as a fire then you will be able to "burn" all the markets you want.

First touch the quality of my private newsletter, so you will understand that my other products are also of the highest quality.
And able to change your business for the better.

I'm not interested in taking money now.

The important thing is that you are able to do enough for your purposes.
In this way I will be rewarded over time and you will be another of my many testimonials.

But there's more.

Despite the ridiculous price, I chose to go crazy. I will briefly grant a trial period of a whole month (you read that right: a whole month!) at the symbolic cost of a single dollar!!

I'm doing it just to test the market and I won't keep it long. As long as you read these lines you will have the possibility to access the first month of my private newsletter with the insignificant investment of ... a ... only ... nice ... dollar.

In other words, you have nothing to lose.

If, once you have looked at the material of the first month, you are not convinced that you have received at least 1000 times more than what you thought you could find, you can unsubscribe by simply clicking the "unsubscribe" button on the "member options" page.

You won't even have to send me an email or contact me in any way.

No one will ask you questions and automatically you won't be charged any more, easier than that .....
I am sure you have understood the importance of this private newsletter so do not delay further.
It's really easy to sign up.
All you have to do is click on the button below.

Consider that you are not taking any risks with my special trial period. But remember that this offer won't stay open for long! If you lose this opportunity you have lost it forever.
It is important, in fact, that there are not too many people to have access to this information precisely to avoid the risk of market saturation that I mentioned earlier!

So this page will be open only and exclusively until the 100 subscribers are reached. Then it's enough.




And yet ... there is something else: it is not enough for me to have all this value at such a ridiculous price, I want you to be able to make the most of it, so if you choose to take this opportunity you will now also have something more...

My special resource list for successful informaketer!

Everything I've been able to find in over a decade of direct field experience can now be available to you at no additional cost.

In short, this is the best offer you'll ever see.

Order now, because the sooner you start the more money you will be able to earn!

Money Secrets

Here is everything you get:

All My Money Secrets

A pdf file every month with all the strategies used by me and my network of colleagues to make money.

Tricks in Videos

Each month a series of videos (at least 10!) that will teach you all the malice of the web learned in decades of experience in the sector and the mistakes to avoid.

The Mega List Resources

My personal list of resources that condenses all my (and my partners) decades of experience.

How to register:

To register, just click the "YES! LET ME IN!" button below.

At that point you can fill out the form with your data and you can choose the payment method you prefer.

Now you have two options to evaluate: you can continue along the current path (easy choice) or make the right choice.

  • The easy choice is the one that doesn't engage you, in fact it is enough to do nothing. You will remain hooked in a time loop that will not allow you to do anything but buy new courses hoping that something will change. But if you always do the same things, how can you think that something changes in your life?
  • The right choice, investing in this private newsletter, forces you to take action. If you really want your financial freedom you have to act now.

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With this letter of introduction I am addressing not only to men but also and above all to women, who with their sensitive intelligence can achieve success and their financial independence. Getting a growth of my female members would be a point of pride for me.

Thank you for the trust that you have decided to grant me!

 - Gabriel De Florio

P.S.: with only $ 27 a month you will have plenty of ways to make money online tested by me and my network of colleagues (put together we make over a century of experience in an infinite number of different sectors !!), saving you from having to spend money in strategies that don't work then!

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