As you will know if you have been following me for some time, I live in the mountains, in a village about 1000 meters above sea level. But I was recently in Turin, the most important city in Piedmont, where the largest Italian industry is based: the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group.

Walking along the avenues of the largest park in the city, I realized that many people I met had a curious bag in their hands. Sometimes they put their hands inside the bag, took something and ate it.

Initially, I thought it was something like popcorn, peanuts, chips or some other type of quick snack.

But no: it was… salami!

Yes, salami cut into small cubes and sold in a kind of rolled food paper. I have seen so many of them with this increasingly empty bag going around the park and even among the streets nearby.

This intrigued me immediately because I had never seen a grocer sell in this way and as a marketer I had to go deeper into the story.

And so much I turned that in the end I found the key to the problem: in the center of the park, in a strategic position there was a very small kiosk that proposed, among other things for sale, the incriminated salami, presenting it as “salami for walking”.

There was a sign on the kiosk: “here salami for walking on offer”. The owner had had the brilliant idea of proposing his salami from a different point of view and was selling everything he had. Moreover, the salami make you thirsty and from whom do you want to take something to drink if not from the one who sold you that salami so good?

Never seen so many people around that tiny kiosk.

All happy buyers. One genius.