"Forget Gabriel, you will never be able to sell this type of service."

But if you are reading these lines, then it means that I have succeeded.

From the personal study of Gabriel De Florio,

This phrase was said to me several times by some well-known infomarketers to whom I had previewed the basis of what would become the new service I'm talking about today: Guest Post Rolodex.

And if you are "wasting time" reading these lines, it is evident that these people were very wrong. If you have come this far it is because you have been following me for some time, because you are interested in what I say and what I produce.

And if you are interested in what I say, it is because you are smarter than the average. It’s a fact, because if you ran after all those who say "buy this that you become rich", you would not follow someone like me who always tells you: "take action!!" or "work smarter".

So this will certainly not be the first or last letter of registration you see. You have already heard all about amazing promises and great guarantees. I will not try to put myself in front of these, of course.

I do not intend to insult you or your intelligence also because, as my follower, it would be like insulting myself.

If you sign up for this service you won't get rich tomorrow. Your blog won't make it to the top of google results at the end of the week. You will not retire this year. And don't think that you no longer have to work for a living. Money does not rain from the sky.

If you were to make your dreams come true (I wish you so with all my heart) or even just obtain valid professional results, you will only have to thank yourself, not me or “Guest Post Rolodex”.

So what can I do for you with this service?

The answer depends on who you are: if you are the type who has to do everything alone, who always has to work hard, who wants personal control over everything, who is looking for the big shot, who is unable to decide what is best for yourself and you are not a true expert in the field, a true nerd as they say today ...

You can safely close this page and forget about "Guest Post Rolodex". Because it won't do you any good.

If, on the contrary, you are a person who knows the value of time, who knows what it means to delegate, who prefers to "work smarter", who knows that small daily actions make the difference, who knows that quality traffic is vital to your website ...

Then “Guest Post Rolodex” might be the smartest investment you could make in the next, vital, months ahead!

For a few cents a day you can have links to the best blogs in the industry that allow guest posting directly in your inbox, with all the data you need to make the right decisions for your site/product.

You will receive three emails a month, precisely on the 10th, 20th and 28th of each month, with 10 links and related features of 10 sites that will allow you to write your Guest Post, in every single email.

You can choose the best ones for your site, your product or your service and you will do it at your own pace: if you want, you can write an article a day for each site that I propose, or you can focus on just one post a week, but studied in detail. 

You choose.

Try “Guest Post Rolodex”. I am so sure of what I say, that I take all the risk! Try it now with the special launch offer: only a cent for the first email!

You will have three days to calmly evaluate and if you do not find at least ten times the value that I have proposed in this letter of registration, you can unsubscribe without losing anything. After three days you will be charged a cost that is almost nil: only $4.95 per month!

If you have a product/service for sale or about to be launched on the market, you will find in “Guest Post Rolodex” the best resource to generate traffic of the best quality

And if you have a blog I am mathematically certain that you will try the service and do you know why?

Do you remember how I presented this proposal to you? Do you know how many told me that I would not have sold a single email of this service?

I recently asked my clients: "If I had to start from scratch, from absolute zero, would you buy" Guest Post Rolodex "again?"

Before I tell you their answers, I would like to point out that the various American marketing associations have made market surveys with a similar question to various entrepreneurs and marketers: "If I had to start from scratch, would you buy the same products/services again?"

The answer to this question is given with a very low percentage: less than four out of ten would do it again. Most change frequently.

However, when I asked my clients this question, 8 out of ten said yes!

How is it possible? The answer is very simple: a guest post brings very high quality traffic, easily convertible into a sale, doesn't cost much (in fact it often costs nothing at all), builds your online reputation and builds the link structure that search engines prefer, sending you high in the serp.

In the unlikely event you are still in the balance to make a decision, I give you the coup de grace: I add a bonus that no one has ever offered you for free!

Five millions links for your blog all together and immediately: it is my personal collection built over years and years of experience in the field. 

In conclusion....

Below you will find the order form, don't wait any longer, I'm sure you won't regret it.

  -  Gabriel De Florio

PS: I remind you that the monthly cost is really ridiculous: only $4.95! But I also remind you that I take all the risk: you can try the service with only one cent for the first three days, take advantage of it now and click the button above!

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