Botox bar

For today’s article I have to thank Lysistrata for reporting because it is really something that has put me in a bit of a concern. I therefore want to share this curious news with you.

In New York they have opened the so-called botox bars, so far nothing new. For the uninitiated, these are bars that in addition to serving coffee, sandwiches and other foods in a “classic” way, also offer “do-it-yourself” products for petty cosmetic surgery.

Do you have any bad wrinkles near your eyes? Take a botulinum puncture while you sip a good espresso. Personally, I am opposed to any kind of aesthetic change, unless it is a matter of remedying some damage suffered, for example after an accident. If you saw my ugly face on social media, you could see that I’m still all “original”. I prefer to die rather than end up under the knife to change my appearance, although I may not like it.

But this is just my idea. In fact, aesthetic clinics are full of people. Maybe I’m wrong. Or maybe not. The fact is that everyone does what he considers most appropriate for himself. As it should be.

What I do not find so correct is the choice of the location of the new openings of these botox bars. They open near the kindergartens. Why? Because as the average age of women who have children is increasing, when you go to take or pick your children up at school you can see the usefulness of that particular bar. And choose to get a touch up. It is so fast and cheap. And maybe you go to do it in the company of other mothers who feel themselves growing old, to get strength together.

This is strategic marketing too. And if children grow up seeing something like this as normal, it’s better, isn’t it? Future customers of the next botox bar in the chain. Everyone gets in there, not just women: even men, old people and very young people.

Here in Italy it is unthinkable. It may be because some time ago some TV celebrities destroyed their faces with such treatments, but we rely only on specialized clinics. With high-profile surgeons, who certainly cost a bang, but at least they are people who know how to do their job.

And if they make a mistake, they will pay.